Second transnational meeting in Turkey
From 16th till 18th July 2019 teachers from partner school took part in second transnational meeting in Turkey. The aim of the meeting was to present the results obtained, analyse the final products and talk about sustainability plan. Teachers also checked if all planned activities were completed such as Erasmus+ Corner, Project website, etwinning. Participants also prepared the answers to the questions of final report. Last day teachers filled in the evaluation froms and got certificates of attendance. We also visited Mayor and were on Frig Walley Tour with guide.

Mobility in Romania
The Romanian mobility at Scoala Gimnazială Nr.1 Bistrița was from 17 March- 23 March 2019. It was the last mobility with students of our project. Here is our diary. It has many voices…

Monday, 18th of March.
Romanian students, teachers and parents welcomed their guests at school. They came from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Turkey. Our students prepared a welcoming ceremony. We prepared flags for of all five countries and flags for the European union. Our guests entered the school. At the school door, they tasted bread and salt, as a sign of our hospitality. We wanted to mix European symbols with national symbols. Our flute-singers sang the song of European Union. After that, we invited our guests to dance in our Romanian hora, a folk-dance. Our students from primary school were wearing traditional costumes. Teachers exchanged presents. We prepared small boxes with sweets, drinks, and little gifts for the guest-students. Next, we visited our school. We divided in two groups and attended activities in the primary school. After a short break, we went to see the presentations of each country in the project. The Romanian students prepared them. We attended activities in classes regarding national features of Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Turkey. We were presented a Cyber-hand, made by one of the students and his team at the Robotics. It was interesting to see what students can do when they have passion for Robotics. After our lunch at school, we visited the town. We were guided by students from Interact Organization. They explained us what are the rules of creating an NGO, how to get money to support activities, how to volunteer.In the evening our talented mates, who also attend activities at the Cultural Department in Bistrita, organized a Multicultural event. The coordinator, Carolina Karoly is a teacher that conducted magically the choir. We listened to music, watched dances and drama moments, poems in the languages of all countries in the project were recited. I was exicited to recite a poem that I had learned from my Bulgarian friend, that day, at school. Even if I did not participated in any external mobility, I was happy to take part in this project.At the end there were a fund rising action, as we wanted to help students in the school for disabled students. We enjoyed pasta and pizza in the evening. It was quite a busy day!

Mobility in Bulgaria
From 15th to 19th October mobility in Bulgaria took place at Primary School “GEO MILEV”. Below there is a description of the visit and activities carried out by students during this mobility.
On Sunday partners from Italy and Poland came to Grohotno and were accommodated at families’.
Monday was the first day of project work. Bulgarian students welcomed us by dance and songs in different languages. Before entering the school we had a chance to taste Bulgarian bread with honey. Students took us also to music classroom. In the activity room Bulgarian teacher welcomed us. After that we went to visit school and took photos with students from this school. Later we did project work in international teams. After lunch we spent time with students from all countries on the playground. We also visited kindergarten near school. In the afternoon some of us came back to families. Students from Romania and Turkey went to the hotel with their teachers.

Mobility in Italy
The Italian mobility was from 7th to 11th May at IC “G.Verga” in Comiso, Italy. The following description is a sort of journal of the daily activities carried out by both students and teachers from the various partner schools.

On the first day our guests arrived by bus and they were welcomed by a parade along the street where all the four buildings of our school are. All the students from Kindergarten and Primary Schools had made flags of all the nations belonging to our projects: Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Italy, plus the European Union one, and they were waiting for them waving their flags. The first grade students led the parade dressed in the typical Sicilian costume. Then, the teams arrived at our main building and were welcomed by our school orchestra, after, the fifth grade students recited a poem whose title is “The right to be European Citizens”.