Three important issues:

1. You know the plan of mobility toPoland. Please let us know what “extra” people are going to do. I mean if they are going to take part in all activities at school and in allattractions. We need this information to reserve a bus for the trip, tickets, meals, etc. If some of them are not to be in your invoice let us know too.

2. As you know from the plan we are going to the restaurant for dinner after the trip to Salt Mine. The meals will be prepared earlier for us so we will not have to  wait a long time. There are three different dishes to choose:

  1. chicken with potatoes / chips and salad
  2. fish with potatoes / chips and salad
  3. pasta (we haven’t got more details)

 Please ask all participants of mobility from your countries what dish they want and write me the numbers for example 4 x chicken with potatoes, 3 x fish with chips, etc. You can also choose potatoes or chips.

3. After the next week we are having winter holidays. SO PLEASE ANSWER MYQUESTIONS TILL THURSDAY NEXT WEEK. Believe me, preparing the visit takes a lot of time and is tiring. We need a rest and don’t      want to deal with issues concerning the visit inPoland during our winter holidays. If you’ve got any questions please ask me next week.

Agnes 1 and Agnes 2